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Hi, I'm Elvis and this is my space. You are welcome to stay here. For a while, that is.

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The Elvis part of the domain

That's simply my name. You are free to speak jokes out loud, now. I cannot hear you.

The Guru part of the domain

It is a label I have been given as a joke a long time ago. It seems I put philosophy into code, I use too many analogies and I always sound like I know everything. I don't know everything, but sure as hell I got an opinion for anything you want to talk about.

Also I'm old, and I have seen a ludicrous amount of bugs, many of which of my own making, so experience and confidence might sound like arrogance, sometimes. Other times it's just that I am a programmer, we are all arrogant and our hubris will kill us all.

Notes on this website

All acknowledgments for the tech used on this website are on the footer, some of which are only used in experimental mode: all blog posts sport a column with a switch to activate it, as it is OFF by default due to potentially disastrous consequences.

Latest blog posts

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Grow, multiply and die: in Vanilla JavaScript

Rules for the Direction of the Mind

Descartes rules applied to Software Development

Super Clock Part 2

A super clock in PHP, jQuery and CSS3

Super Clock Part 1

A super clock in PHP, jQuery and CSS3

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